Half Pipe / Freestyle Skier




2022 Winter Olympics Freestyle Halfpipe Gold Medalist

2021 & 2022 Winter X-Games Free-Ski Superpipe Champion

2021 World Champion Free-Ski Halfpipe

2018 Winter Olympics Freestyle Halfpipe Bronze Medallist

Unstoppable skier Nico Porteous is rewriting the history books

At just 16, Nico Porteous wrote his way into the history books – and there are plenty more stories to come for the fearless freestyle skier from Wanaka.

Porteous became New Zealand’s youngest podium finisher when he won bronze in the free-ski halfpipe at PyeongChang in 2018.

Olympian Porteous was already big news in the sport before his bold performance in PyeongChang. As a prodigious talent from an early age, he took up the sport at the age of four, before turning to free skiing when he was nine, and travelling internationally from the age of 13.



Despite his youth, Porteous managed to match it with the world’s best, while balancing his exhausting sporting commitments with his school work.

In 2016, at the age of 14, he became the first Kiwi and the youngest person to land a triple cork 1440. He’s also the first in the world to land back-to-back 1620s in the halfpipe in competition.

In 2021 Porteous came back from a potential season ending injury to win the both the Winter X Games Free-Ski Superpipe and Free-Ski Halfpipe World Championship rounding out a big northern Winter.

This year proved to be Nico’s biggest yet, as he took back-to-back golds at X Games and the Winter Olympics, cementing his position as one of the greatest halfpipe skiers of all time.

Competing on the world stage since his early teens, Porteous is mature beyond his years, with the courage to effortlessly shoulder his new status as a role model and represent the changing face of global elite sport as it becomes increasingly youth-focused.