What is Granola?


Granola is a crunchy blend of grains, most often oats, baked with a little oil and sugar for crunch. It is baked in slabs in the oven and cracked to form clusters of yumminess. These days granola is a firm favourite in households and cafes from Bondi to Broome, and across the Tasman. It is often served with fresh fruit and yoghurt, rather than just milk and is a deliciously satisfying breakfast option.



Is it Good For Me?


The new generation of granola products is a nutritious option for breakfast. Most granolas are high in whole grain and in fibre, plus contain protein and good fats from nuts, seeds and grains. They are also oven-baked in healthier oils and usually contain under 25% sugar (of which a large portion comes from the fruit). Give it a go – it’s deliciously different.


Does Kellogg make Granola?


We sure do. We have delicious Just Right® Crunchy Granola + Cereal Fusion which you can find in the breakfast aisle.