Super Choice

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to the cereal aisle. There are so many options for different tastes, different needs, different benefits and different households.

Whatever you want, there is something for you.


Family Favourites

We specialise in nourishing and delighting families at breakfast. Our cereals have been sitting on morning tables for more than a century. Firm family favourites such as Corn Flakes®, Sultana Bran®, All-Bran®, Rice Bubbles® and Coco Pops® continue to be staples for many households – decades after we first launched them.


Most Delicious

We also make the most delicious cereals on the shelf. Coco Pops® has been loved for as long as the chocolatey milk has been in the bowl. Sultana Bran® is a simple, yet tasty way to bring fibre to breakfast with the delicious malty, fruit flavour. And what about the balance of fruit and crunchy flakes in Just Right®  – this has to be one of the most delicious ways to start the day, with a boost of whole grains. And don’t forget, a firm favourite in Nutri-Grain®, the most unique of the cereal flavours and one that both kids and teens really love.


Healthy Starts

As for the healthiest cereals on the shelf – well we have some of those as well. Our five star cereals such as All-Bran® and Guardian® have proven benefits. All-Bran® contains natural wheat bran fibre which is proven to promote regularity and support digestive health*. The psyllium in Guardian® helps you to maintain a healthy heart by breaking down cholesterol**. We also have some of the highest protein cereals on the market in Special K® and NutriGrain® for muscle maintenance and satiety*** and we provide fibre and whole grain in the majority of our foods. In fact 70% of our cereal portfolio is more than 4 Health Stars.


Essential Nutrients

Many of our cereals contain essential vitamins and minerals which make them a very nutritious choice for kids and adults, alike. Our cereals contain B vitamins and iron for energy and metabolic support.  We also have calcium for healthy bones and teeth which supplement the calcium from the milk we add. In fact, a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal and milk contains 30% of a child’s daily iron and calcium needs****    Here’s a fact- breakfast cereal is the number one source of iron in the Australian diet.*****


* Wheat bran fibre increases stool weight and reduces intestinal transit time to promote regularity as part of a healthy varied diet.


** Psyllium reduces bile acid reabsorption which stimulates the breakdown of cholesterol in the liver and supports heart health as part of a healthy varied diet.


*** Increasing protein intake increases subjective fullness as part of a healthy varied diet.


****Nutrient Reference Values 2005 for 4-11 years. A serve of Kellogg’s cereal and 250mL of milk typically contains 3mg iron and 300mg calcium.


***** ABS. Australian Health Survey 2011-12. Canberra 2014

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