2020 Sustainability Goals

We’re all about creating brighter days, not only for you today but for the future as well. We’re working hard to run a sustainable business, doing our part to help ensure the world we live in is good shape for generations to come.

As part of this work, we have committed to a set of sustainability goals that we are working hard to achieve by 2020.

We’ve taken a holistic look at our supply chain to come up with goals that include the responsible sourcing of some of our most used ingredients and the reduction in our use of natural resources including water, waste and energy.

See what we’re working towards below:


01. It’s Great to Be Green

We’re further reducing our energy use by 15% and increasing our use of low carbon energy by 50% in our facilities by the year 2020, globally.


02. Every Drop Counts

We’re reducing water usage by 15% and implementing water re-use projects in at least 25% of our plants.


03. We Love the Earth

By 2020, we’ll responsibly source our 10 priority global ingredients:

Corn   Sugar Cane
 Wheat  Cocoa
 Rice  Palm Oil
 Potatoes  Fruits
 Sugar Beets   Vanilla

04. Boxes that Think Outside the Box

Selling a lot of cereal means a lot of boxes. We already use 100% certified sustainable packaging from all-timber and recycled materials.

Goal: 0% tropical deforestation


05. Waste NOT, Want NOT

By 2016, the number of our plants sending zero waste to landfills will increase to 30%.