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I've heard the packaging is more nutritious than cornflakes. Could you tell me the nutritional value of the box? - Sharyn, Pretty Beach, New South Wales

Aha - that old chestnut! This myth has been floating around for years, but there’s really no truth in it at all! Almost all our cereal boxes are made from 95 percent recycled cartonboard and while we don’t have the nutritional values, we can tell you that they probably contain a bit of fibre. Our Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are made from 89% corn and contains essential vitamins and minerals, so it’s fair to say that they are a much better - and far tastier - option than munching the box!
The team over at Mythbusters in the US has also taken a look at this one - you can see it here: Plus we also have a gluten free variant in a box just as nutritious – something for everyone!