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Maggie Pillay

Quality and Food Safety Manager

You’ve been working with Kellogg’s for over 21 years now – what’s made you stay on for so long?

Everyone knows I love this company and that I live and breathe Kellogg’s. We’re all a big family here – everyone is so close. No matter what Kellogg’s factory you go to in the world, you feel like you’re a part of the team. I’ve had other job offers in the past, but I’ve turned them all down. My daughter was only three months old when I started at this company so I’ve got a lot of history here and I don’t intend to leave that behind anytime soon.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I love seeing my team’s hard work pay off. Last year, the Botany factory where I’m based in Sydney won a number of awards at the Kellogg’s Asia Pacific supply chain meeting – this shows that we’re really going above and beyond here in Australia when it comes to things like employee engagement and people safety. The team I work with are excellent and we work really closely together. We support one another, we’re there for one another and we all work towards to the same goals. Together, everyone achieves more, which ultimately results in a better product for our customers.


What do people not realise about Kellogg’s that you’d like them to know?

Just how seriously we take food safety and sanitation. I think one of the most unique things about Kellogg’s as a company are our strict internal food and safety audits, which are enforced globally. Every year, auditors employed by Kellogg’s visit each facility and score it on a very strict set of guidelines. Because we have to comply to such a high level of excellence internally, we find it quite easy to pass external audits. We are one of the few companies accredited by the British Retail Consortium to have maintained our A-Grade status for so long.


Do you have a favourite Kellogg’s cereal?

Growing up in South Africa, the only cereal I knew was Corn Flakes. I was the eldest daughter out of a family of six kids and it was a real treat for us to get cereal. Every now and again we would get a packet of Corn Flakes and I loved it. I used to always have it with hot milk and sugar – I still enjoy having that combination in the winter months because it’s really good!


What’s unique about your role?

When I start my day, we taste test all the food that’s been produced within the past 24 hours to ensure its quality. So I could be testing anywhere between 20 to 50 samples of cereal a day, which leaves me quite full by the end of the morning. As you can imagine, I don’t need to bring breakfast with me to work.

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