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Nitin Vig

Consumer Affairs Manager

What do you do in your day-to-day role at Kellogg’s?

I look after Kellogg’s Consumer relations, managing our contact centre – a team full of talented ambassadors who are on call to answer consumer queries on our food, nutrition, stockists and anything else that you may want to ask us. I also coordinate our Breakfast Buddies program, providing cereal to schools and community groups across Australia.


Why do you look after the Breakfast Buddies program?

I was really motivated to get involved in the program after learning how many children go to school without breakfast each day.  I love being able to help provide cereal to kids in need.


What is your favourite part of your role on the Breakfast Buddies program?

Every now and then we will receive a letter from a school involved in the program with a picture of the kids smiling as they are having breakfast. That just makes my day knowing that we were able to give them a little something to help make their days better

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