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What breakfast foods give you the best start to the day? Why? - Sierra, Brisbane, Queensland

Hi Sierra, to start you off, our in house dietitians recommend including all of the elements of what we call a balanced breakfast to make sure you’re getting everything you need to start the day: Grains, dairy (or alternatives like soy) and fruit or protein. A delicious combination you can try would be a whole grain or high fibre cereal served with some milk or yoghurt plus sliced fresh fruit like kiwi or strawberries.
The things to look for in a cereal are fibre, wholegrain, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. One of our favourites is Sultana Bran which is a tasty all-rounder, high in fibre and in wholegrain and is delicious mixed with hot milk or yoghurt. The All-Bran range is a great choice as is our Special K Nourish range and the Special K Protein Granola. We have some of the healthiest (and tastiest) cereals on the shelf – so we recommend you take a look in the aisle to see what looks the best to you!
Checkout this link on our website that gives you more information on benefits of grain based cereals: