Supporting Aussie Farmers

For Kellogg’s cereals made here in Australia, we source the majority of our grains – including wheat, rye, barley, rice and corn from farmers right across Australia.

We try and source from right here in our own backyard wherever possible, and we’re extremely proud of the fact that two thirds of our cereals are made with more than 70% Aussie ingredients – with some of our classic favourites like Corn Flakes and All-Bran coming in at 99% Aussie!  

Some of the Aussie farmers that provide us with these ingredients have been working with us for over three generations. Meet some of these hardworking men and women, and see where our grains are grown on the map below:



The Peter from the Queensland farming region of the Darling Downs have supplied corn to Kellogg’s since the 1950s.

02. Wheat

Manildra producer Terry Cotton’s family has been supplying wheat to Kellogg’s since 1943; that legacy is now carried on through his daughters Jacqueline, Alexandra, Fiona and Victoria.


The Morshead family have been supplying rice to Kellogg’s (through SunRice) for over 50 years now.

04. Where Our Grains Are Grown

We source around 30, 000 tonnes of grain every year from Aussie farmers all around the country.