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How does Kellogg’s give back to the community?
Giving Back

How do you find where the children are who can't have any breakfast (or lunch for that matter)? It might not always be the kids you think - Jane, Sydney, NSW

Hi There – thanks for asking a great question! There are a few ways we make sure our donations go to those children that need it most:
1. Our Breakfast Buddies programs invites schools, clubs and community groups representing kids in need to apply directly to Kellogg’s for donations to their breakfast clubs – we then assess these applications and supply donations based on the needs of that particular group
We work closely with Foodbank Australia, Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation. Foodbank allows us to donate directly to those most in need by collecting our donations and delivering them to warehouses around Australia, where charities and schools can collect what the need and distribute it to children and families in need as prepared meals, food hampers and emergency parcels. You can learn more about which charities benefit from these donations on their website: