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I appreciate that advertising targets specific groups but Special K ads highlight the role Special K has in weight loss. Yet there are more overweight males than females yet males have never featured in Special K advertisements. Why? - Elizabeth, Sydney New South Wales

Thanks for the question Elizabeth, at its heart Special K has always been a brand that is targeted towards a female audience. When it first hit shelves, over 50 years ago now, it was a product that met the needs of woman of the time – tasty, nutritious and 99% fat-free.
We know that times, and Aussie consumers, have changed in the past 50 years – so has Special K. You might not be seeing men in our adverts anytime soon, but the brand is evolving to have a much stronger focus on well-being. We recognize that weight can be an issue for both Aussie men and woman, and we’d like to think that the messages in our Special K® advertising can inspire people of both genders, and of all shapes and sizes, to make healthy choices.