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Why is your gluten free cereal so much more expensive if you had factories already set up. Do Coeliacs have to suffer from out of pocket expense as well as food that doesn't always taste as good - Joy, Gowrie, Australian Capital Territory

Hi Joy, we have been working on our gluten free Corn Flakes and Special K for a long time – creating a (tasty) cereal without gluten is quite a tricky thing to do! We’ve had some great feedback on the taste so far with lots of people saying they taste just as delicious as the original, non-gluten free versions.
The higher prices of our gluten free cereals compared to original Special K or Corn Flakes is due to a range of factors, but mostly comes down to the complexity involved as well as the special precautions we need to put in place to ensure a 100% gluten free product for coeliacs such as yourself.