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I was looking at your products on the supermarket shelves and was wondering why braille printing (not sure if this is the correct terminology) is not used to assist the visually impaired? (Please don't use the excuse that there is no legislative requirement) In fact no breakfast cereal manufacturer does. I would like to suggest that some consideration be given to implementing this. Please do the right thing for those that are visually impaired. If Kellogg’s are not interested in assisting the visually impaired then I would be extremely disappointed. - David, Brisbane, Queensland

David, we really don’t want to disappoint you, but making packs with braille is very challenging with current packaging requirements. We are required by law to include lots of important information on our packs including nutritional information, country of origin info and any health benefits including the substantiations for these. With the pack size and the amount of information needed to be included we just don’t have the space to repeat all of this information in braille.
This is the first time this has been bought to our attention – and we really appreciate that you have let us know of the challenges that visually impaired people have in choosing their cereals. It’s definitely something we will take a look at and investigate more.