If you’re looking for a quick, easy & healthy breakfast that won’t set you back a pretty penny (here’s looking at you smashed avo), then look no further than the tried and true combination of cereal and milk.

01. Packing a Punch

A simple cereal and milk breakfast can be surprisingly nutritious delivering:



Vitamin D 

B vitamins 


02. Support for Healthy Muscles

There are many cereals that contain protein and can give a real protein boost in the morning when paired with milk, helping maintain strong and healthy muscles

03. Compare the Pair

Some cereals containing protein served with milk can provide more protein than an egg on toast!

Special K Original with 1/2 cup of skim milk 
= 12.5 g of protein

One poached egg on buttered toast
= 11.4g of protein

04. Faster Than You Can Say “Breakfast”

Cereal + bowl + milk = done. 

Add in a piece of fruit and you’ve got a totally balanced breakfast. 

(Even a superhero can’t match that kind of nutritional speed.)

05. It Makes Good Cents

A bowl of cereal and milk only costs about 65¢ a serving!