When Coco Pops meets Cookie Crumble!

The perfect mashup of your favourite chocolatey cereal with your favourite iconic ice cream flavour. The famous crunch of Coco Pops cereal with the delicious toffee, chocolatey flavour of Cookie Crumble.

NEW Kellogg's® Coco Pops® Cookie Crumble™ Flavour available now at your local supermarket.



There are few things that take you back to childhood as quickly as the bright yellow box and the jingle of “Just Like a Chocolate Milkshake, Only Crunchy!”

Many of us have fond Coco Pops moments – whether that’s Saturday morning cartoons or a fun afternoon snack. The delicious chocolatey milk left in the bowl and the lingering crunch from the puffed rice, are what makes it so special.

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