Make a Toast

Crumbly crust pastry and frosting are what make Pop-Tarts® so popular. Loved by generations, Pop-Tarts® are just made for the toaster and hungry tummies. They were born in America in 1964 and became an instant hit whenever they have landed in Australia and New Zealand. Available now at your local supermarkets, you can try the delicious Chocotastic Pop-Tarts® today!


Pop-Tarts® Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe
Serves 2


2 x Pop-Tarts® Chocotastic pastries (1 foil pack)
2 x scoops of your favourite ice cream (we like vanilla)
2 tsps chocolate sauce or ½ cup fresh berries (optional)


1. Toast Pop-Tarts®
2. Cut Pop-Tarts® in half (careful, they may be hot)
3. Place 1 scoop of ice cream on each half
4. Drizzle chocolate sauce (or berries) on top of the ice cream
5. Push down the remaining halves on top of the ice cream to make a sandwich
6. Enjoy!

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