Special K

Food trends

From Liz Lyons

2016 – the year of the Pokémon doughnut and progression of fairy floss into the “breakfast food” category (good for you fairy floss!).

But alas, 2017 is here and with it lays unchartered foodie territory. Will the Insta-shake return bigger and better than ever? Will hash browns make it back into the spotlight, finally getting the recognition they deserve? Will smashed avo continue to reign supreme, despite an increasingly competitive breakfast market?

These questions are tough, but after a lot of Instagram lurking, menu pondering, and procrasti-eating, I’ve come up with a few ideas about what’s on the menu for 2017.


01. Much loved new flavours

I predict that we’ll see some "family favourite" flavours like pavlova, various cereals, bread and butter pudding, and spag bol, reincarnated on our menus in 2017.

Partly because they’re delicious and partly because #nostalgia. (Example: Sticky date paniacakes at Darling Café).


02. Smoothie Bowls

A couple of years ago acai bowls were the new kid on the block. Ordering one was a cause of anxiety (is it ak-eye-ee, or ah-sigh-ee?) but now they’re a menu staple. In 2017 the rise of the smoothie bowl will continue, but with new flavours and crazier toppings.


03. Quirky Ways to Serve

Drinking a smoothie out of a regular glass? Eugh, so 2012. After the success of the breakfast popsicle and other interesting ways of serving up dishes, it’s likely that we’re going to see some even quirkier cutlery, crockery and platters making its way to our Instagram feeds.


04. Tea Time

Coffee has long been a much-loved flavour, but I predict that 2017 will really be tea’s time to shine. With oodles of flavours and cool spots like Rabbit Hole Tea popping up, I think we’ll see more tea-inspired flavours working their way on to our plates.


05. Lavender

I recently tried a lemon and lavender tart and it was DELICIOUS. The lavender really balanced out the tartness of the lemon, and added the most wonderful floral flavour. Definitely a flavour to watch in the New Year (plus they look pretty too - double win).