How is Kellogg’s® Special K® made?

In order to put the ‘special’ in Special K®, we carefully craft every variety in the Special K range to ensure every bowl of cereal is both delicious and nutritious.

The process to transform the raw ingredients into Special K’s famous flakes is quite simple - so how do we do it?

Step one is easy:

We start by cooking some wheat, rice and oatmeal together with a dash salt and sugar to deliver our signature Special K flake. We also fortify the grains with some additional vitamins – like Vitamin D and Iron - to deliver essential nutrients to help support your wellbeing.

Step two: After cooking the grains are dried and then mixed into little chucky shapes that can be turned in the flakes.

Step three: To turn them into flakes - we all know and love - they simply go through a mill which is like two big rolling pins. Then they reach their final stop at the oven, finishing the process with the Special K cereals’ unmistakable crispiness.

From there, Special K Original is complete, while flakes destined to make up other Special K cereal flavours like Forest Berries, Fruit & Nut, Oats & Honey, and Advantage have delicious fruit or other inclusions added.

Special K not only makes for a delicious and health breakfast cereal, it can be used to make all sorts of snacks from Nutty Apricot Bites to Honey Hot Cocoa Special K Shooters.