How are Kellogg’s® Coco Pops® made?

We all know it’s “just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy®”, and that Coco the Monkey hasn’t been able to get enough since they were first launched in 1958 (who can blame him?), but have you ever wondered how our famous Coco Pops cereal is actually made?

First under the watchful eye of Coco the Monkey, our team steam grains of rice and then add a little bit of sugar and salt, as well as some vitamins and minerals, for extra Coco Pops deliciousness.

From there, the rice takes a journey into a big oven where they turn into the crunchy puffed grains of rice you know and love as Rice Bubbles®.

Then comes, what we like to think is Coco’s favourite part, mixing the delicious cocoa syrup with the Rice Bubbles in a mixing drum (our version of a bowl!).

After the syrup dries, Coco the Monkey is ready and waiting with a bowl, spoon and some fresh milk to check on his perfectly prepared Coco Pops!

Aussie’s love Coco Pops cereal so much, so luckily despite Coco’s formidable appetite, there is always plenty of tasty chocolatey goodness to go around!