How & Why we use sugar in our cereals


Breakfast cereal and sugar keep making headlines so we wanted to set some of the facts straight as cereal is often singled out as the bad guy when it comes to Aussies’ sugar consumption.

We use a variety of different ingredients containing sugar in our cereals for numerous reasons – taste, texture and colour – and we are working on ways to use less as we know this is something that some of you have been asking for. But it’s important for us to remember the facts which tell us that breakfast cereals aren’t the main culprit when it comes to consuming too much sugar.

The ABS National health Survey data tells us that sugar in breakfast cereals only contributes around 3 % of total sugar consumed by Australian adults and children

We know that there are plenty of people out there that want to watch their sugar intake, so we’ve pulled together this handy little guide on the number of teaspoons of sugar in some of our most popular cereals – if your favourite cereal isn’t in this list, then drop us a line so we can get this information to you.




01. Why We Use Sugar in Our Cereals

Taste | Texture | Preservation



02. What Exactly Is Sugar and Where Does It From?

Sugars are part of the carbohydrate family and come from a variety of different sources. There are naturally-occurring sugars such as lactose in milk or fructose in fruit and there are added sugars like sucrose, honey or syrup. All sugars are broken down in the body into glucose for energy.



03. Where Does the Sugar Content in Our Cereals Come From?

The quantity of sugars present in the nutrition information panels of our products come from a variety of different ingredients including:

Cane Sugar Dried Fruits Fruit Purees
Raw Sugar Brown Rice Syrup Molasses
Honey Rice Malt Syrup Sugar Syrups


04. How Much Sugar Is in One Serving of Our Cereal?

1/2 cup of skim milk adds 1 1/2 tsps of sugar to your cereal serve.