Working hard to conserve natural resources

We believe we have a responsibility to protect our planet and ensure generations to come have enough essential resources for the next 110 years and beyond. That’s why we have committed to conserving natural resources by reducing the amount of water and energy used by our offices and factory in Botany, as well as reducing the amount of waste we produce.

We have done this through a whole range of initiatives to improve the efficiency of our plant, more accurately capture and track data and partnering with organisations that can help improve the environmental impact of our products, even after they leave our warehouses & reach your home.

Check out some of our achievements below:



01. Our Factory in Botany

NSW introduced initiatives that reduced our energy usage by nearly 2 million KWH per year


02. Our water

usage had been reduced by over 5210kL a year - That’s the equivalent of over TWO Olympic sized swimming pools!


01. We currently send less than 5% of waste to landfill