Something different

We all like to keep life interesting. The same goes for mealtimes. Kellogg’s wants to help make breakfast time as interesting as possible, so we have put together some tips to make it twice as nice.



Keep a pot of natural yoghurt in the fridge. There’s nothing like smooth, creamy yoghurt with crunchy and crispy cereal flakes. It’s a great way to mix it up and take a break from milk whilst still getting some dairy goodness.



There’s no easier way to sneak something healthy into your day, than with some fruit. Bananas, strawberries and blueberries all make wonderful partners with cereal. Crispy grain notes with tangy fruit sweetness – yum!


Warm Milk

On a cold winter’s morning, heating your milk and pouring it on your cereal is simply divine. It’s like a cereal and porridge fusion of deliciousness.


Amazing Creations

If you are looking for some brekkie inspiration, visit our Amazing Creations page to see just what you can do when you start with cereal. Click here for amazing food inspiration.