Making Changes to Our Food

Positive nutrition is a key pillar of our vision and we are always changing and improving.

Positive nutrition plays a key role in our company direction. We are working towards improving our products across the portfolio as well as delivering exciting new innovations in the years ahead.

How are we renovating our existing products?

  • We have decreased sugar and sodium and increased fibre for Nutri-Grain®
  • We have decreased sodium and increased fibre and whole grain in Special K®
  • We are removing artificial colours and flavours from our foods
  • We are removing trans fat from our foods
  • Sugar reduction is in progress on a number of brands
  • We have been on a sodium reduction journey for nearly 20 years. Almost all our cereals are below 400mg/100g sodium. We have reduced the sodium in Corn Flakes by up to 90%.

How are innovating moving forward?

  • We have a range of  granola-style foods, all achieving 4 Health Stars, that deliver fibre and protein and a source of whole grain under Special K® and Nutri-Grain®
  • We have functional Special K® Protein bites help deliver a more permissible treat together with satiety
  • Our licensed children’s foods all achieve 4 Health Stars and meet both internal and licensee nutritional guard rails.
  • We have gluten free cereals under Special K® and Corn Flakes for gluten intolerant consumers
  • We have baked muesli breakfast biscuits with a 4 Health Star Rating for consumers wanting a healthier breakfast biscuit plus a gluten free variant for gluten intolerant consumers
  • All Be Natural® cereals are a source of whole grain and fibre with some containing as much as 85% whole grain.
  • Our first range of organic grain products under the Be Natural® brand earns 4 ½ to 5 Health Stars.
  • We have developed a new LCMs® bar for kids with 25% less sugar than the original and 3 ½ Health Stars to make it easier for mum when packing the lunch box.

    There are Health Star Ratings on all our cereal packs so consumers are informed at the point of purchase. Seventy percent of our portfolio achieves 4-5 Health Stars and we continue to look for ways to reduce sugar, sodium and saturated fat. We also provide transparent and credible nutrition information on all our packs.