What’s New on Shelf?

A handy list of newly launched products and some renovated favourites.

We pride ourselves on the wide range of foods we have for everybody, and we are always innovating to help consumers with choice. Take a look at some of the new and wonderful foods on shelves right now.


01. Special K® Gluten Free Almond & Cranberry

A new delicious gluten free cereal with crunchy nuts and tangy cranberries. Find it in the cereal aisle.


02. Special K® Nourish Cashew, Macadamia & Coconut

A fruit free addition to the Nourish family with only 5.5g of sugar per serve. Find it in the cereal aisle.


03. Kellogg’s® Baked Muesli Breakfast Biscuits

The perfect coffee companion. Our baked muesli biscuits are the healthier choice for a breakfast biscuit. Plus we have two gluten free varieties. Find them in the breakfast aisle.


04. Be Natural ® Organics Golden Whole Grain Bites

This is the first organic offering from Be Natural. Pillows of shredded red wheat, 85% whole grain, high in fibre and low in salt. Available in the cereal aisle.


05. LCMs® Oaty Bubble Bars 25% Less Sugar

LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars, made with the goodness of whole grain oats and 25% less sugar than regular LCMs. Available in the muesli bar aisle.


06. Special K® Bliss Bites Salted Caramel

A delicious indulgence made from whey protein to help with fullness. These protein bites come in packs of three, contain 100Cal each and can be found in the muesli bar aisle.